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Welcome to Intensity , a family style ran guild  that focuses on Progress through the game without  Hardcore raiding and taking time away from your loved ones and friends .  Always and forever family comes first not the keyboard . i would like to encourage Guild groups , and helping your guildies if your online and arent doin anything make it fun for everyone . everyone knows that a toon that doesnt have that certain drop or AA xp is not a fun toon to play so why not help each other and have fun doin it . without Hardcore raiding you can level a realy nice toon that is fun to play and very helpful to others in a group setup rather it be guildies or just open invites .  Intensity is taking any toons , any class , any level . if you have any questions reguarding Intensity , feel free to contact me in game or by email , Nutso lvl 90 Ranger . Email: 
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